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Ages 21+

Artist Home Presents: SLANG, Wild Powwers & Emma Lee Toyoda @ The Clock-Out Lounge


“Exuberant garage rock duo Slang was founded a few years ago by Drew Grow (Modem Kin, Pastors Wives) and Sleater-Kinney/Quasi drummer Janet Weiss. This summer, Slang expanded their lineup to include formidable bassist Kathy Foster (Thermals, Hurry Up) and guitar virtuoso Anita Lee Elliott (Viva Voce). The result is a freight train full of song birds, heavy and powerful, yet articulate.“

Wild Powwers

Wild Powwers, formerly just Powwers, specialize in the sort of carefree grunge riff-rock that gets better the dirtier it gets. Each layer of meticulously gnarly distortion, each off-kilter lyric, drenched in garage-echo reverb, is pure Pacific Northwest filth. - KEXP

Emma Lee Toyoda - "Ever since Emma Lee Toyoda performed at MoPop’s SoundOff! competition in 2015, they have emerged as one of the most eclectic and vibrant acts in Seattle. Their mixture of indie rock, jazz, and folk – along with sharp-witted and quick song – has only gotten better since the competition. Last December, Toyoda released their first full-length record, sewn me anew, on Make Fart Records. Emma and the band implore every tool at their disposal, mixing together everything from saxophones to banjos on the same tracks and creating an eclectic, ever-changing work." -Dusty Henry, KEXP, May 2017

Venue Information:
Clock-Out Lounge
4864 Beacon Ave South
Seattle, WA, 98108